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A Big Little Agency

Native is a translation agency with copywriters. Our network also includes communication professionals, journalists, editors, proofreaders, PR consultants, lecturers and digital experts. All with different native languages. Together, we are approximately 150 native speakers ready to help with everything from concept and strategy to production and publication – in more than thirty languages. Like a translation agency, but more.

We Offer

Translation and Transcreation

Translations are what we do. Both straight translations and transcreation – a creative rewriting process that goes beyond translation, adapting your text for different cultures and markets. We use translation and design software to ensure the right terminology, and we can translate directly into your CMS or another programme such as InDesign. We follow industry standards and use a documented work process: qualified translators, clear confidentiality agreements and external proofreaders. We translate to and from all European languages and most global languages. For example, we can translate in and out of English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin, Japanese and more.

Content and Copywriting

We work with copywriters and writers who know the local culture and speak the language as their native tongue. They can help you strike just the right note and negotiate the subtleties, ensuring that your message will feel interesting and relevant on the market in question. And they will tweak, translate or transform from scratch, depending on what the brief calls for. We write copy, proofread and edit promotional materials, press releases, websites, financial reports, annual statements and more. We also work closely with different production agencies and can develop finished materials for all channels, in multiple languages. By drawing on our expansive network of freelance copywriters and content creators in different languages, we can help with assignments of all sizes and at short notice, either remotely or on-site and by your side.

Consultancy and Copy on Site

Thanks to our extensive network of freelancers within marketing and communications, we can provide temporary consultants or assist in recruiting specialist expertise. Do you need an English-speaking copywriter on-site at your office, a copywriter who can craft blog posts in Swedish or an art director who can translate texts into Arabic? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a new colleague or some temporary reinforcement in your marketing department, we can help you find the right person.

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